Uncategorized May 24, 2020



It's time I get this blog going!


With everything I've been working on here at Socratic Canine, getting this blog up and running took a back seat.


Waaaaay in the back! lol


Today I decided to at least get some words and sentences in here which will end up helping me more than anybody else, to get going on getting you what you need most in the moment you need it.


I want to explain the purpose of this "blog" and what you will read on here.


So many people are struggling with various aspects of life with their dog.  When they encounter what they perceive as a problem, they take to the internet to get a solution.  Unfortunately most of what they find and try to implement, will ultimately lead to little or no long term change at all.  


Sometimes it can even get worse!




What is frequently seen as a problem is most often times a symptom of a bigger problem.  That bigger problem is that your dog...

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