Excellent! It's time for us to talk!

A few things you should know first...

I only work with dedicated dog owners...

I prefer to be VERY honest about that as we get closer to working together.






Some people simply want their dog to wake up one day and be fully trained like a robot.


I don't work with those people. 


I help devoted dog owners become the trainer, the leader, the teacher and mentor their dog needs them to be.


That doesn't come from a few tips, tricks, or "hacks".


It comes from a genuwine desire to have the best relationship possible with your dog and be able to enjoy the confidence having a well behaved and obedient dog brings.


If that's you, we need to talk.


Below you can make an appointment to sit down for a call with me, 1 on 1. 


The purpose of the call is for me to learn about your situation and your goals then determine if we'd be a good fit to work together.


 We will be using Zoom Online conferencing.  Once you have booked your appointment you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to access our meeting.  If the email isn't in your inbox, check all other folders.  If you still don't see it use the search function of your email and use the search term "socratic" or "appointment".  



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