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New Puppy? Behavior Problems? READ THIS!





You have a puppy.


The puppy is ADORABLE.  


You love to look at them, pet them, snuggle them, and post pictures all over Instagram & Facebook of them.


You also have puppy training questions or should I say, "challenges".


The puppy is wonderful when they’re not:

  • Biting
  • Nipping
  • Pooping in the house
  • Peeing in the house
  • Chewing and tearing things up
  • Jumping up and turning your pants into a tug toy


Yeah, other than THAT though, they’re “perfect”.


I get it.


I’ve personally raised, trained, have been responsible for guiding the raising and training of countless puppies owned by people just like you.


There are very real challenges you are facing with the puppy that in reality, are symptoms of a much bigger problem you don’t even realize is looming over you both.


The problem?


You simply don’t know who your puppy is, how they think, or how they see you and the rest of the world.


This is totally understandable because that sweet darling didn’t come with an instruction book.


So what can you do about it?




You take to FB to a group full of people who happen to own, or at least “like” the breed of dog you currently own, hoping to get some advice.


It’s a shit show.


You will get HUNDREDS of comments, that take you in a million different directions.  Everybody is an expert and will tell you what to do with a disturbing level of confidence. Disturbing because I'm not sure where that confidence comes from.


I own a car.  Hell, I've owned over a half dozen cars.  Does that make me a race car driver?


If you change the radiator in your car does that make you a master mechanic?


If you were able to lose 10 pounds once before your best friend’s wedding, does that make you a nutrition expert?




Yet let somebody raise a dog, to a level of “training” none of us can verify, or confirm, and boy oh boy they are a dog training EXPERT.  They will also be very eager to tell you what to do, based on what they did once upon a time, and we don’t even know if REALLY worked.


So you figure you’ll get some professional advice, from YouTube.


If they have a YouTube Channel they MUST be a pro…...right?


Well, realize this, the number one channel for dog training on YouTube is ran by a person who has never successfully worked from start to finish with a problem dog, a problem puppy, an aggressive dog, or damn near ANY type of dog with ANY type of problem.  


Literally NEVER.  


So yeah, YouTube will be fun.  


Then after trying method after method from all the videos you watched, and being completely defeated, frustrated, and ending up feeling guilty because of all the above, you figure its time to look into Puppy Classes.


Puppy classes are wonderful at doing one thing, well, two things.


They are great for making you feel like you took action in preparing your puppy for life, and they are even better at putting a debit in your bank account that will do very little to actually improve anything with your puppy.  A bunch of new puppy owners who need massive amounts of education, all with a bunch of puppies who need massive amounts of training, in a group setting with one instructor.


That’s not a recipe for success.


At least not for the puppy or its owner.  The trainer is making a couple of thousand dollars off the classes and grooming each and every participant for a more “advanced’ training program where they will offer to take your puppy or dog (when 6 months later things are a nightmare) in for training.



Of course there is hope, why on earth would I invest in the time to write this blog post if there wasn’t?


I don’t like wasting time, not mine or anyone else’s.


Time is something you can never, EVER, get back.  (more on that brutal reality later)


I needed you to understand though, that I’m well aware of what you are going through, and what you might be about to go through.  I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, I’ve seen other people do it, and I’ve spent years helping dog owners fix the mistakes they all have inevitably made.  


My goal is to save you, and your puppy, from making those mistakes.


So here’s the deal, the solution, the recipe for success for you and your puppy.  Right now you need to become educated on the fundamentals of raising a dog.  That involves learning what a dog is vs what you want it to be or thought it would be.  


There are all sorts of various topics you currently do not have a working knowledge of that if you can acquire quickly, will change everything about the relationship you currently have with your puppy.  It will also do something even bigger and more powerful that most puppy owners totally miss out on.  


It will establish a foundation that will make living with your dog for the next 10-15 years MUCH easier and exponentially more fulfilling for you and most importantly, your dog.


How can you begin addressing nipping when you don’t understand how a puppy thinks and why they nip in the first place?


How can you teach your puppy to come when called every single time, no matter what is going on around them, when you don’t understand how dogs in general, interpret the sounds that come from our mouths?


You can’t, which is why you are set up for some serious problems moving forward if you stick to youtube and the peanut gallery on FB.


Get some formal and structured education for yourself first.  Then implement that with your puppy.



You currently might feel like you were jipped.  You wanted a list of super quick “tips” and “tricks” to make your puppy suddenly picture perfect.




It doesn’t work that way. 


The fact you might think it does is why you’ve been having a rough go at it so far.   It’s not about a tip or a trick.  That’s like asking for a quick tip on solving an algebra equation when you still haven’t learned the basics of arithmetic.  


However, I’ll help you out and show you just how simple this all is and why so many people go totally wrong with raising a puppy.


Here is a formula for understanding WHY your dog continues to do some pretty common and problematic stuff.


The dog wants something, so the dog does something, and if it got what it wanted from the thing it did, then that thing will happen more and more, and with greater strength, intensity, and resilience. 


Let’s take a common one, pulling on leash, and apply the formula.


The puppy wants to go “over there”.


So the puppy runs in that direction and puts tension on the end of the leash as it tries to go where it wants to you.


You take a step in that direction.


The puppy was given what it wanted, forward progression towards its desired goal.  What does the puppy think it did to get what it wanted?






You have been training your puppy TO pull, only to then later beg for help to teach them not to.


You’re welcome.


You wanted a quick tip and I just gave you the formula that explains nearly everything your puppy does and doesn’t do.



Here you are, with this puppy you don’t understand, who keeps doing things you can’t control.  


If you continue to look for shortcuts, quick tips, or worse, “cheap” solutions, true functional results will more than likely elude you.


Who gets hurt in the long run?


The dog.




Two ways…


First is the potential for a failure in your training and communication that could lead to the dog getting hurt, or worse.  Yes, I’m talking about death.  A dog who doesn’t reliably come when called or bolts out of doors is one broken collar or one door left ajar away from an incredibly brutal death via collision with a truck bumper.


That’s called reality, and it happens every day all across the country.


Following the “advice” of someone who you have seen zero evidence of their competency in giving advice could end in tragedy for your dog.


Second, and exponentially more common, is the loss of the most precious thing you have with your dog.  




I work with dog owners all over the world who have tried YouTube, Facebook, and yes, even other “trainers” with zero tangible and productive results.  When I get someone who has been living with an anxious, fearful, or out-of-control dog for YEARS, it truly hurts my heart.


If they had gotten what they needed sooner the dog could have spent that time much more fulfilled, happier, and SAFER.


The owners too could have benefited from spending their time raising their puppy into the dog they wanted and enjoying the entire process.  That is what life with a puppy is supposed to be, and supposed to culminate in.


You will NEVER get that time back.







No magical uncovering of hidden secrets here folks.


Invest in an actual program that is designed to teach YOU how to understand and raise your puppy.


That won’t happen at some weekly group class held at a pet store chain.


That won’t happen if you send your puppy away and they aren’t educating you along with the puppy.


Do I offer such a program? 


Yes, I do.


It’s changed the lives of every puppy owner and their dog that has enrolled in it.  But I care more that you work with SOMEONE than I do that you work with me.  I just hope you stop spending time going in circles chasing quick tips and shortcuts that will never get you and your puppy what you need.  Puppies are AMAZING and so ready to learn and become something amazing IF you teach them how to do that.


You can’t teach them until someone teaches YOU.


If you want that to be me, I’d be happy to sit with you (online) and talk about if you’d be a good fit for the program and community that has been helping puppies and their owners all over the world.  All you need to do is click HERE.


If you want that to be someone else, look into trainers in your area.  I'll help you if I have to.  Be sure you hear from puppy owners they have worked with and if you can see video results, even better.  I'm usually sharing more of what my clients do with their puppies than what I do because that's what I offer, results for YOU, not me. 

Here's an example of one of my puppy owners,

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A post shared by KD Mathews | Dog Training (@kdmathews)


You want to see results from whoever you are going to work with.  Also be sure to ask them if they focus on you or the puppy.  Working with your puppy is pointless because it's you who is taking the puppy home and living with it.


If they aren’t good at that first interaction with you, if they don’t seem to understand what you need and how to communicate that with you, RUN.  Communication is communication, and if they can’t do that first conversation there’s no way they will be good at a prolonged series of interactions where they are responsible for educating you and helping you and SUPPORTING you as you raise your puppy.

You don’t need a “puppy trainer” right now, you need a human trainer who knows how to raise and train puppies, and is capable of passing that information to you and ensure you get the results.




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