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Rate Your Relationship: How Do You Know How "Good" Your Relationship With Your Dog Is?

I speak with dog owners every day about the challenges they have with their dogs.


When speaking with a woman ( we will call her Tammy even though that's not even close to her real name) about her dog's habit of not coming back in the house when in the yard playing, the conversation was no different than almost every other one I have.


Tammy started out the same way most people do, by saying "I have a GREAT relationship with my dog..."


Then they will go on to describe the problem they are having.


Before I get into ANY discussion of what they want the solution to I ask questions.  I'm a teacher after all and the name of my business is Socratic Canine,  (google the word Socratic if you don't understand the reference).  I ask questions that catch nearly every person completely off guard.


I asked Tammy, "That's awesome! Could you take a moment to tell me what makes the relationship so great?"


Nearly every time I ask that they...

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