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The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!

Are you ready for it?


The question that damn near every dog owner is dying to have the answer to.


Think of all the YouTubes you've watched searching for it.


All the facebook group comments you've read and acted on only to be right back to where you started.


You would give a small fortune to whoever could help you discover what is the single most effective dog training tool there is.



I'll take that small fortune now if you don't mind.  Cash only please, no coins.


Every single person who owns a dog already has the greatest tool, they just don't want to use it.


Your mind.




I'll give you a minute to suck your teeth and roll your eyes if that's how you deal with hearing things you don't want to hear.  


It's the simple truth.


While people are busy wasting precious time, (dogs don't live very long lives folks) and trying every collar and harness known to exist, they are missing out on the progress they are absolutely capable of achieving with their dog's training and behavior.  


Tools don't teach, we teach, and sometimes we use tools to help us.


Before we can use a tool though, we actually have to know how to teach.  That means learning the principles of behavior that explain how to increase behavior and decrease or eliminate behavior.  It also means learning about your dog.


Yes, your dog.


Most people I speak with struggling with common problems like leash pulling, aggression, and the dog not responding to commands simply don't even know how their dog thinks or sees the world.  They barely know what a dog actually is!


If you don't understand your student, you can have all the teaching skills in the world, you will still fail.


Your mind, and the knowledge you actively try to fill it with, in place of emotions and fantasy, is all you need to make massive changes with your dog.  Stop making those posts in FB groups saying "which harness should I get to stop pulling", or "what leash is best for teaching the dog to walk nicely?".  


It doesn't matter which one of these tools you use, you will still fail at the goal because you're asking the wrong question.


No tool will work at the desired task if you don't understand how to use it, why to use it, when to use it, etc.  Everything you want to achieve in your relationship with your dog and the training of obedience to keep them happy and safe begins with YOU becoming trained.  Problem-solving starts with thinking, and thinking is the territory of that wonderful organ called the brain.


Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't using that brain very often these days.  Instead, they opt for simply doing what everyone else says to do, regardless of the outcome.  If a bunch of others do it, well it must be correct, right?




Not too smart, but all too common.


It's So Damn Simple

When I'm working with a student and I explain some of the fundamental principles of behavior, the reaction is almost always the same.


"Oh my god, I just paid you to tell me that! That was so obvious how didn't I realize it sooner?!?"


Yup, it was right there the entire time.


One of the greatest challenges of dog training is embracing its simplicity.  Humans like to over complicate nearly everything in their lives.  This is especially true when they also have a heavy dose of emotion clouding all common sense and logic.  


Another simple reality that is screaming at you in the face is that you need help.


Real help, not just a bunch of other dog owners who know even less about their dog's behavior validating your mistakes in an effort to be popular among complete strangers (all horrible leadership qualities by the way which is why their dogs have no respect for them).


When I stopped doing all the "traditional" dog training stuff like regular group classes and textbook board & trains and started working on focusing all my attention and effort on educating the dog owner, the results were POWERFUL.


The less I held the leash the greater the long-term results were for the dog owner and their dog.




The dog will only perform and behave according to what is allowed by the person handling them.  Sure I can take a dog and accomplish things the pet owner can't.....yet


I say "yet", because that's what I specialize in now, is teaching the dog owner how to do these things because THEY are the ones living with the dog, not me.  It is of zero value to have somebody else's dog in love with and obedient to ME.


It's not my dog!


By helping dog owners build their education and skills on dog ownership, the long term results are WAY better.  When the dog owner is educated and subsequently supported as they learn to apply that knowledge, the results are life-changing.  


That's where we are with The Canine Blueprint.


Working with dog owners literally all over the world has been fun but also eye-opening.  Nobody thought people could learn how to improve their dog's behavior, let alone obedience train them all via an online/internet program.  


They were wrong!


The tool that needs sharpening for the dog owner is their very own mind.


Most of the time people spend time online dulling that blade by consuming mindless content, some of it dog-related and designed to make them feel good, as opposed to actually produce results for the dog.


Those who actually want to learn how to improve their life and relationship with their dog, INCLUDING training their own dog's obedience, can enjoy the empowerment that comes from having the most effective dog training tool readily at their disposal.


Their mind.


If YOU want to finally stop wasting time, time that your dog doesn't have an unlimited amount of, maybe you should look into seeing if you are a good fit for The Canine Blueprint.  Those to are truly dedicated to their dogs and are ready to put in their best effort are getting results words can't describe.


Click HERE if you think you might be that kind of dog owner.  We will find out rather quickly if you are for real, or just talking to sound like you are.


Your dog is waiting, remember that.



Definition of Insanity

What would the dog, whose owner keeps going back to YouTube, say when they return with yet another "trick" or "method" to try on them?


If the dog could talk, what would he say?


If you currently do not have complete control over your dog's behavior, and you keep going to the same sources for information, what does that say about how you solve problems?


When we repeat the same thing over and over, yet expect different results, there's a word for that.


I totally realize that you want these challenges to be resolved as quickly as possible.  For the sake of your dog I agree that the sooner the better.  However, there is no shortcut to truly helping the dog and your communication with them.  You have in your possession a wonderfully powerful mind that when operating in an efficient and objective manner, can acquire and subsequently apply the type of information that can bring about the results you are looking for with your dog.


It's time to call a "time out" and invest some time into getting educated, not directed, because there is a big difference between the two.  The rest of the struggling dog owners in the Facebook groups can't ever explain WHY you should follow what they say.  This is because they don't even know why, which is why they don't even have real viable results.  They just like to tell other people what to do in an effort to stroke their own ego.  They don't live with your dog, they aren't responsible for your dog, and honestly, they don't care about your dog.


You care about your dog.


The question is how much.


A quick and easy way to find out is by setting up a free consultation online to see if you'd be a good fit for Socratic Canine's revolutionary and transformational program for dedicated dog owners, The Canine Blueprint.  

Click HERE to find out just how much of a dog lover you really are.








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