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The FIRST Thing To Think About Before Bringing That SECOND Dog Home

I've put in some serious work between my Instagram, Facebook, and my old blog trying to help people make solid decisions when contemplating getting a second dog.


Most of the time I'm talking them out of it.




Read the other article that addresses THAT question HERE.


I'm writing this for those who are bringing that second dog home and nothing is going to change their mind.


With the decision already made the next course of action is to make sure that process goes as well as can be hoped for.  At this point as a teacher, I have to recognize when and where to focus my educational efforts.


First Things First

If a smooth homecoming and integration for the new dog is what you want, then focusing immediately on your FIRST dog is what you need to do ASAP.


The relationship you have with the first dog is going to play a huge role in how that dog deals with the massive disruption to daily life that the addition of a second dog...

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