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Your dog is part of your life.

They should be with you while you experience that life.

What's stopping you?

You LOVE your dog.....but

Sometimes it feels like you just aren't on the same page. 

It almost as if they only listen when listening isn't a big deal, then when it really counts.....suddenly they "forget" what "come here!" means.

All the walks and play in the yard, money you've spent, training you've tried, and something is still missing.

You don't want to talk about it because you really do love your dog and  feel slightly ashamed at how frustrated you get sometimes.

That's where I come in.

Like I said, I really DO know how you feel.

How Do I Know How You Feel?

Because I was 100% in your shoes before!  

I once had a dog, whom I loved dearly, who wouldn't listen when I needed him to, and did everything I did NOT want him to.  If this isn't about to be the most epic display of honesty and transparency in the history of business I don't know what is......

Ready for it?


My name is KD Mathews,

and I am NOT a "dog whisperer"

Say WHAT??


I'm a regular guy, who like you, struggled getting on the same page with my dog.

I failed miserably with my first dog over 25 years ago.  That experience made me obsessed with dogs and learning how to live with, train, and communicate with them.  Dog training became a passion, then a business.

Before that though, I was in your shoes.

I know what you are going through because I went through it. 

I also know how to help you.


Having the answers is useless without the ability to teach those answers to others

After learning from trainers all over the world and spending countless hours working with dogs AND their owners, I know what you need to do to have a dog who listens to you and doesn't turn your couch to confetti every other week. 

I've done all the filtering and sorting through the confusing and conflicting information that's out there for you. 

I've spent the money, I've spent the time, I've made the mistakes.

All so you don't have to.

I know what works and what doesn't work.

I can also teach you everything I've learned.

Having also been a professional educator for most of my life I  know how to present that information to you in a way that actually makes sense.

What good is a dog trainer who can't train the humans who need their help?

That's a rhetorical question obviously.

Here's the icing on the big awesome cake...


After having done the whole private lesson, group class, board & train typical "dog trainer' business stuff, I figured out what REALLY works.

Making learning EASY is what makes learning WORK.

All of the programs I offer can be done 100% online, in your home.


From self paced online courses to fully interactive coaching programs where we will meet virtually to review your progress daily, you are officially out of excuses.


I feel your pain.

I've been there to.

I'd like to show you how I made it all better.



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