Experience The Freedom and Relief of In Home Training For You & Your Dog

Your dog needs your help, and you need someone to help you.  Instead of going to school, have the teacher come directly to you.

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                         All Ages

From puppy to senior, and everything in between, Socratic Canine will educate, train, and coach you to meet all the needs of your canine partner.

                          All Breeds

Avoid cookie cutter training that doesn't recognize the individuality of your dog's personality, let alone the unique instincts associated with its breed/breeds.

                             All In!

Only taking on a select and limited number of clients at a time, Socratic Canine provides unequaled support, interaction, and attention during your journey with your dog.

Best of Both Worlds

Your trainer KD Mathews has worked with dog owners all over the world and coached them to amazing results without even being there in person via his online  programs.  Experience the benefits of his coaching along with the added value of hands on instruction and support.

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All The Tools You Need To Have A Dog Who Listens 

So many dog training businesses offer flashy programs where you drop the dog off and magically in a week it's "fully trained".  If that was even possible the way they claim, what about you?  What about YOUR education and training?  If you aren't provided the information, training, and support you need, your dog's behavior will simply go back to the way it was before they left.  Then you can sign up for more expensive "follow up" training and end up spending thousands more. What happens when you get another dog?  You then have to pay all over again? Socratic Canine teaches YOU, how to work with your own dog.

Got A Puppy Or About To Get One?

Most adult dogs who have behavior problems started by their owners making multiple mistakes the day they brought the dog home as a puppy.  Those mistakes went unnoticed as the cuteness of a puppy can hide the flaws.  Then once adolescence hits, the problems become noticeable, and quickly become intolerable.  Socratic Canine's Puppy Blueprint Program eliminates those mistakes and sets you and your puppy up for a long life of success and fun together.

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Start Making Changes Now!

Are you ready to start learning about the dog you love so much and help them become the dog you hoped they could be?  Click below to get more information on training and how to help your dog, and yourself!

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