You got the dog.

Now what?

What the hell do you do?

Puppy or adult, from a breeder or from a shelter, you are on your own.  Oh, yeah, you have Google, good luck with that.

Do you want to know how to be your dog’s best friend?

Would you like to build a relationship unlike any other you have ever experienced with a dog?

That’s what this book will do.

You will have a refreshed view of how to enjoy life with your dog in a way previously you didn’t know could exist.

I wrote this book as an exercise to put some thoughts in writing.

It then grew into something MUCH more.

And I’m GIVING it away….

Yes. FREE.

This isn’t a book on how to train your dog.

You don’t need that right now…trust me, you’re not there yet….

You can’t put a roof on a house with a crooked foundation.

This book is your foundation.

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